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The INZpired Gift Shop At Skyline Rotorua. The INZpired Gift Shop At Skyline Rotorua.

iNZpired - The Store

Step into INZPIRED – The Store and take in the gallery experience featuring top New Zealand designed products for you to take home.

One of the first things you’ll discover is a stunning hanging tree by famous lighting designer David Trubridge which was first exhibited in Frankfurt, then in New York and Texas. The tree is adorned with a range of Trubridge’s lighting that can be flat-packed for easy travel.

 You’ll also discover a top range of jewellery, skincare, homeware, art, accessories and delicious treats to take home.

iNZpired – The Brands

  • David Trubridge
  • Boh Runga
  • Louise Douglas Jewellery
  • Holly Howe Collection
  • NZMade Pounamu
Eats & Treats
  • Abuzz Manuka Honey
  • DQ Confectionary
  • Pure Source Tea
  • Manawa Honey 
  • Steens Manuka Honey
  • Alpine Silk
  • GQ Skincare
  • Rotorua Kawakawa
  • Pure Source
Clothing & Accessories
  • Mons Royale merino clothing
  • Blunt Umbrellas
  • Moana Road
  • DQ Fashion
  • Boskke ceramics
  • Etchart
  • CuppaCoffeeCup
  • Moana Road
  • Gem Trees
  • Wishbone Design Studio
  • Aunty Bea books
  • Pipi MA
  • Kiwi & Friends
  • Kuwi The Kiwi
Lighting & Art
  • David Trubridge
  • Ana Lia Saine
  • Ally Bennet
  • Stella Lighting
  • Abstract Designs
  • Gordon Watson