Explore The Galaxy

Take a Gondola ride to Bob’s Peak, situated high above Queenstown, and journey into the hidden world of the Southern night sky.

We can all agree that the night sky is as fascinating as it is beautiful. Now you can take a tour of our galaxy and learn about the stars, nebulae and planets that make up our solar system and beyond. We offer both outdoor and indoor tour options, so you can be guaranteed to enjoy your Stargazing Experience, regardless of the weather! You will:

  • Explore the Southern night sky of Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Explore the Milky Way and be captivated by the constellations and planets that make up our galaxy.
  • Learn to navigate using the Southern Cross; just like Captain Cook!
  • See billions of stars including the magnificent Alpha Centauri on our outdoor tour, or
  • Delve deeper into space with recent images from current NASA missions on our indoor tour.

Our knowledgeable and experienced stargazing guides will meet you at the top of the Gondola and on clear nights will lead you up Bob’s Peak where, with our powerful telescopes, you will be amazed by sights not visible to the naked eye. 

No matter the weather, we offer both an outdoor and indoor Stargazing Experience so you are guaranteed to enjoy your night. In case the conditions are unsuitable for the outdoor experience, we will offer you the option to book for an outdoor tour at a later date or settle into our Moonlight Theatre with a complimentary drink and snack for the indoor experience, "A Journey into the Night Sky".

A truly unique and memorable experience, Skyline Queenstown’s Stargazing tour is a must do.


  • Always wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes! We will also provide you with a Canada Goose down jacket to help keep you cosy and warm, even on the crispest winter evenings then we finish the night with a delicious hot chocolate in our bar lounge.
  • The default tour language will be English, but we offer Mandarin/Cantonese/Japanese commentary on request. Please speak to our friendly reservations team to find out more. 
  • Prices shown are valid until 31st March 2019.

Tour Information

  • How often do tours run?

    Stargazing tours run daily and you’ll need to allow up to two hours, including the Gondola ride time for your Stargazing tour. Arrive at the base of the Gondola at least 30 minutes before the start of the tour or dinner. Session times do vary as sunset times change regularly. Check out the full Stargazing Timetable.

  • Are reservations required?

    Yes, as tours seats are limited, we would recommend reserving a seat on the Stargazing tour you wish to attend.

    Check availability and buy your tickets here.

  • Are there combo tickets for Gondola & Dinner & Stargazing?

    Yes! We invite guests to plan their activities to best experience what Skyline has to offer. We offer a combo ticket of Gondola, Dinner & Stargazing. Check availability and buy your tickets here. Check out the specific activity times here.

  • Do children pay?

    We offer reduced child rates for those aged between 5 and under 15 years old. Infants under the age of 5 years old can go on the tour Free of Charge.

  • How big are the groups?

    Tours will run with groups of up to 22 people and minimum numbers may apply for some sessions. All of our Stargazing tours can be tailored to suit individual groups and knowledge levels and each session will be lead by one of our experienced Stargazing guides.

  • What happens if the weather does not permit the running of the outdoor tour?

    Our Stargazing guides are keeping a close eye on the weather and if they feel it is less than ideal conditions for the outdoor tour, they will run the indoor tour.  Sometimes this decision may not be made until tour time due to the ever changing, unpredictable weather in Queenstown.  On the nights when cloud fills the sky, join us on our “A Journey through the night sky” indoor tour option which uses high tech software to replicate our night sky here in Queenstown. You will see everything you can see on the outdoor tour plus more, as our program allows us to delve further into space than visible with telescopes here on earth.

  • What should I wear?

    We provide complimentary use of the world's leading extreme outerwear, Canada Goose down jackets. Even so, come dressed for a light walk and for being outside. We’re in an alpine location and the tour is over 750 metres above Lake Wakatipu, so warm clothing and comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended. 

  • What languages are offered on the Stargazing tours?

    The default tour language will be English, but we offer Mandarin/Cantonese/Japanese commentary on request. Get in touch with our Reservations team to find out more.

  • When will I find out if the outdoor tour will take place or not?

    Sometimes this decision may not be made until tour time due to the ever changing, unpredictable weather in Queenstown. 

    On the nights when cloud fills the sky, join us on our “A Journey through the night sky” indoor tour option.

  • Can I cancel my booking?

    Stargazing bookings can be cancelled without penalty up until noon on the day of the booking. 

    Note: Restaurant bookings made in conjunction with Stargazing tours will be subject to a 24-hour cancellation notice period for the restaurant booking.

  • Do you provide refunds?

    Refunds are not payable within the cancellation period.

    Where space is available, you will be able to re-book for another date if you do not wish to experience the indoor tour and and want to try for an outdoor tour.

    Refunds are available in the case of not being able to deliver an Indoor tour in the requested language.

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