Where to Find The Best Coffee in Rotorua

We take our coffee very seriously in New Zealand! Start your day with a delicious, steaming hot cup of aromatic, locally brewed coffee.

Here are our top 10 recommendations for the best cafes and coffee shops in Rotorua:

  1. Market Kitchen Café
  2. Lime Caffeteria
  3. Le Café De Paris
  4. The Coffee Club
  5. Fat Dog Cafe & Bar
  6. Zippy Central Bar & Cafe
  7. Urbano Bistro
  8. Capers Epicurean
  9. Artisan Café
  10. Revolver Espresso

Market Kitchen Café

Begin your day at one of the most famous landmarks in Rotorua. Ride the Skyline Gondola to discover heart-pumping attractions, such as the Skyswing, the Zoom Zipline, and the Luge. Before you begin, enjoy some decadent bites and freshly-ground coffee with a view at our very own Market Kitchen Cafe, beloved by thousands of visitors every year.

Juice bar at the Market Kitchen Cafe, Skyline Rotorua.
Market Kitchen | Skyline Rotorua

Lime Caffeteria

Come for a laid-back dining experience for breakfast, brunch or lunch at one of the most modern cafes in Rotorua city centre. Savour delicious muesli, bagels and eggs benedict alongside your hot or iced morning coffee. You'll find Lime Caffeteria near the Government Gardens and Polynesian Spa landmarks.

Lime Caffeteria | Credit: Google Maps

Le Café De Paris

Journey into the heart of French's best coffee shops without leaving Aotearoa. As you enter Le Cafe de Paris, the staff will welcome you with a friendly "Bonjour!". Delight in an intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed French coffee, hot French crêpes and buttery almond croissants. Bon Appetit!

Le Cafe de Paris | Credit: Google Images

The Coffee Club

The Coffee Club is one of New Zealand's most iconic businesses. Experience their tasty menu, which features hot pancakes, rich lattes and refreshing frappes. Enjoy good food, great service and excellent coffee.

"Where will I meet you?"
See you at The Coffee Club, of course!

The Coffee Club | Credit: Google Images

Fat Dog Cafe & Bar

Give your taste buds a treat at Fat Dog Cafe, where the team makes meals from fresh, local ingredients. Sample the French toast, pancakes, egg waffles and handmade dessert items as you sip on your morning coffee. Dine in comfortable surroundings with fascinating decor.

Even the children get a special menu. Locals warn all visitors - be careful, you may become 'addicted to The Dog'.

Fat Dog Cafe | Credit: Google Images

Zippy Central Bar & Cafe

Zippy Central bar and cafe is a laid-back place where the menu includes a savoury and sweet food selection to go with your coffee. This cafe is one of the places you'll find local police and mountain bikers getting their daily caffeine fix. The colourful, retro-style rooms may be small, but the meals are large. Get in early to snag the freshly made salmon bagels and muffins before they sell out!

Zippy Central Bar & Cafe| Credit: Google Images

Urbano Bistro

Urbano Bistro is a chic and casual cafe by day, turned bistro restaurant by night. Voted one of the best restaurants in Rotorua, you'll find them opposite the Rydges Hotel. Experience coffee by New Zealand's speciality roasters, Ozone. Feast on a breakfast menu offering freshly baked muffins, biscuits and dessert. Dietary options are available.

Urbano Bistro | Credit: Google Images

Capers Epicurean

Capers Epicurean is an award-winning and thriving cafe that's the place to be - serving superb coffee and some of the best breakfast options in Rotorua! Enjoy a wide range of local and European dishes and cabinet food. The chefs here make all meals from fresh, locally sourced ingredients that include salads, savoury treats and desserts such as the Kiwi classic carrot cake. A kids menu is also available here.

Capers Epicurean | Credit: Google Images

Artisan Café

Artisan Cafe is a warm, inviting place to relax and unwind! Choose from a selection of handmade pastries or hearty breakfasts to accompany your cup of organic Kokako coffee. This cafe is one of Rotorua's community-focused businesses, with all food fair-trade, free-range, sustainable, seasonal and locally sourced!

Artisan Cafe | Credit: Google Images

Revolver Espresso

Experience many types of delicious local food at Revolver Espresso. Delight in decadent almond croissants and cupcakes as you sip on aromatic, handcrafted espresso. Dine at a communal table and browse the magazines while you share a coffee or lunch with friends.

Ready to try the best coffee in Rotorua?

As one of the most popular destinations in New Zealand, we want all people visiting Rotorua to stay energised for their next adventure!

We hope you enjoy our incredible list of top places to grab a great coffee.

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