Queenstown Adventure Activities

Welcome, adrenaline junkies, to Queenstown - the undisputed adventure capital of the world!

What kind of adrenaline rush do you want to experience while you’re here? Skydiving at 200km? Leaping from New Zealand's highest Bungy? Mountain biking down gnarly downhill tracks? Ziplining through stunning native forest? Skiing on the best powder in the Southern Hemisphere? Or jet boating through the spectacular Shotover canyon?

If you’re looking for adventure tours for the whole family, we’ve got it right here on the South Island of New Zealand.

And the sky's the limit.

The best adventure activities in Queenstown are:

  1. Bungy Jumping
  2. Skydiving with NZONE
  3. Riding up the Skyline Gondola
  4. Paragliding or Hang-gliding at Skytrek
  5. The Shotover Jet & Hydro Attack
  6. River Surfing at Kawarau River
  7. Kayaking at Moke Lake
  8. White water rafting at Shotover River
  9. Ben Lomond Horse Trekking
  10. Quad Biking with Off-Road Adventures
  11. Riding the Luge at Skyline Queenstown
  12. Skiing and Snowboarding at Southern Alps, Queenstown
  13. Queenstown Snowmobile Tour

Above The Couds

Bungy Jumping at the Kawarau Bridge:

A couple jumps of the Kawarau Bungy Bridge together in Queenstown new Zealand.
Image credit: ajhackettbungynz

Thrill-seekers, prepare to dial up the adrenaline levels and push your limits. It’s time for you to make the ultimate leap of faith.

One of the best activities in Queenstown is the Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump—the World Home of the Bungy. Feel your mind racing and your heart pumping as you shuffle out to the edge of the bridge before you’re cheered on to take the plunge.

Skydive with NZONE:

A person goes skydiving high above Queenstown with local company NZONE.
Image credit: Experience Queenstown

Experience a sensory overload and terminal velocity with tandem skydiving at NZone. You’ll see some stunning scenery during your 15-minute flight to 15,000 ft before freefalling for 60 seconds at 200 kph. Then, enjoy a 5-minute tandem parachute ride, as you float back to the skydive drop zone.

Skyline Gondola:

Woman enjoying the view over Queenstown from the Gondola.
Image credit: Skyline Queenstown

Take a scenic ride up to Bob’s Peak for the spectacular scenery of the Remarkables mountain range, Lake Wakatipu, and downtown Queenstown. At the peak, go hiking through wild bushland areas filled with native and exotic flora and fauna. Or, get your adrenaline on with an AJ Hackett Ledge Bungy or try the ultimate stomach-dropper - the Ledge Swing.

Paragliding or Hang-gliding adventure at Skytrek:

A customer and employee ready for paragliding takeoff looking out over the Wakatipu basin.
Image credit: Kiwi Travel NZ

Coronet Peak tandem paragliding and hang gliding are top activities for adrenaline seekers. Your pilot will show you how to become airborne before your foot-launched flight. Then, you can enjoy the breathtaking views as you glide over central Queenstown and its surroundings.

In The Water

Water activities at Shotover Jet and Hydro Attack:

The Shotover Jet speeds through a narrow canyon opening on a paid tour.
Image credit: Shotover Jet

Enter a journey of beauty, power, and excitement with jet boat tours by Shotover Jet—an experience like no other. This thrilling jet boat ride blends unspoiled natural landscapes with wall-to-wall canyon action from “Go” to “Whoa!”

The Queenstown Hydro Attack emerges from the water vertically.
Image credit: Hydro Attack

Or, does skimming along the water at 80kph, before diving beneath the surface at 40kph tickle your fancy? Then, you’ll love a high-speed shark ride with Hydro Attack, Queenstown.

River Surfing at Kawarau River:

Three people navigate the white waters of the Kawarau River on boogie boards.
Image credit: Queenstown NZ

Get your heart racing with a full whitewater experience on a bodyboard. You’ll bodyboard 7km of New Zealand’s best white water before pausing to find an awesome spot for a rock jump. Then, now that you know what to expect, head back to the start to enjoy the entire 7km all over again.

Kayaking at Moke Lake:

A double kayak cruises along Moke Lake In Queenstown New Zealand.
Image credit: Queenstown NZ

Dial down your adventure in Queenstown and take in some serenity. Journey into Queenstown backcountry and enjoy a quiet and peaceful paddle around stunning Moke Lake.

White water rafting at Shotover River:

A group of 5 people are steered down a white water section on the Shotover river.
Image credit: RealNZ

Are you ready to conquer the famous Shotover River? Discover the fascinating gold mining history of Skippers Canyon. Then, get in some white water action on this heart-pumping New Zealand adventure activity. 

On Land

Ben Lomond Horse Treks:

A horse trek tour crosses a shallow body of water amongst the mountains of Queenstown.
Image credit: High Country Horses

Opposite the Queenstown Gondola lies Ben Lomond Station. Here, you can take daytime or moonlit horse riding tours. Canter, trot or gallop through a pastoral paradise of pristine lakes, river crossings, and rugged mountains.

Quad Biking with Off-Road Adventures:

Two friends ride quad bikes up a dirt road with views of Queenstown in The background.
Image credit: Everything Queenstown

Tackle some of the most dramatic and fun off-road terrains on 50cc to 400cc quad bikes. Don’t let the rain put you off in case of bad weather! Rip it up and get rough and muddy on some intoxicating action-packed off-road trails.

Ride the Luge at Skyline:

A family riding round a corner on the Skyline Queenstown Luge.
Image credit: Skyline Queenstown

Come and test your skills on Skyline’s Queenstown Luge. Steer a gravity-fuelled cart down a windy track surrounded by the incredible scenery of towering mountain peaks and sweeping lake views.

In The Snow

Skiing & Snowboarding in the Southern Alps, Queenstown:

A skiier creates a cloud of powder as they sharply turn.
Image credit: Queenstown NZ

Queenstown offers one of the longest ski seasons in the Southern Hemisphere and boasts four world-class ski fields. Ski through unparalleled alpine scenery and across a magically diverse treeless terrain.

Queenstown Snowmobile Tour:

A group of friends prepare to take off on a snowmobile tour in Queenstown.
Image credit: Queenstown Snow Mobiles

Take the most unforgettable backcountry riding adventure of a lifetime. Get ready for an action-packed and adrenaline-pumping snowmobiling cruise at an altitude of up to 6,000ft above sea level.

Extra Exciting Itinerary Ideas

A man rides around a scenic corner in the Skyline Queenstown Bike Park with views of Lake Wakatipu.
Image credit: Skyline Queenstown
  • Stand up paddle boarding.
  • Take a flight to Milford Sound with a glacier landing, to remote Lord of the Rings filming locations.
  • Experience a Shotover Canyon Swing— the world's highest cliff jump.
  • Go canyoning in the Gibbston Valley or Mt Aspiring National Park.
  • Grab some mountain bike rentals and hit the scenic Queenstown Trail.
  • Take a scenic flight over Mt Cook National Park.
  • Enjoy a Milford Sound trip to discover amazing wildlife at Fiordland National Park.
  • Climb Queenstown Hill for jaw-dropping views.

Claim your free Queenstown, New Zealand travel guide here now. We’ll spill the tea on other exciting adventure activities in Queenstown and Otago region. Also, check out the Skyline Blog for more awesome New Zealand holiday ideas. We hope to see you soon!

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