Frequently Asked Questions


How many times can I ride the Gondola?

Gondola tickets are valid for one return ride.

Is the Gondola wheelchair accessible?

On request the Gondola can be slowed or stopped to allow easy access for all guests, assistance is also available if required at the base and the top of the Gondola. Standard sized wheelchairs fit in our Gondola cabins and ride in a separate cabin to the guest; otherwise 2 wheelchairs are available onsite.

What is included in a family pass/family deal?

Family = 2 adults & a maximum of 3 children (aged 5 -14 years)

Do I need to make a booking?

Bookings are not required for the Gondola, Luge or Mountain Bike access but are essential for the Restaurant at Skyline, Stargazing and Kiwi Haka.

Book Online or contact the reservations team via email or phone 03 441 0101.


Can window seats in the restaurant be reserved?

To guarantee yourself a window seat please choose our Premium Dining option. The package includes a house drink (soft drink, beer, wine or any of our cocktails), unlimited Brita still or sparkling water, and best of all - a guaranteed window seat!

Please note that there is limited availability of upgrade for each sitting, so book now to avoid disappointment! Should you wish to upgrade to Premium Dining Experience and this is not available online anymore, please book the standard Gondola and Dinner package and email us  or call us on +64 3 441 0085 to enquire about the upgrade.

Does the restaurant offer gluten free and vegetarian dishes?

Yes we cater for a wide range of dietary requirements, gluten free and vegetarian dishes are marked in the buffet and our chefs and wait staff are available if you have any questions.

Please alert the reservation team to any dietary requirements when making your reservation.

Is the meat served halal?

Our lamb, beef and salmon are all halal and while the chicken is not halal it is from a halal certified company.



What age are children allowed to ride the Luge?

Children must be at least 6 years old to be allowed to ride the Luge alone; if they are under 6 years old they can ride the Luge in tandem with an adult for an additional $2 per ride.

Is there a minimum height restriction for the Luge?

Children must be at least 6 years old and 110cm or taller to be allowed to ride the Scenic Luge Track unaccompanied.

Children must be 135cm or taller to be allowed to ride the Advanced Luge Track unaccompanied.

Children under the age of 6 years old or under 110cm can ride the Luge in tandem, with an adult aged 15+ years at a cost of $2 per ride (Future Luge Rider).

Where do the Luge tracks finish?

At our complex on top of Bob’s Peak (via the gondola) Luge riders take a second chairlift to the top of the Luge tracks and then ride the luge down to the bottom of the second chairlift. Once you have finished your Luge rides you take the Gondola back down to Queenstown at your leisure.

Can I Luge at night or in the rain?

The Luge is open from 10am – dusk daily and operates in most weather including rain or snow.

Are lockers available at the Skyline complex?

Yes there are lockers available for $2 at the base and the top of the Luge, for you to store your valuables while Lluging.


How do I download a copy of my Gondola or Luge photo?

If you have purchased a Luge photo you can download the image from our website.  Photos are loaded 24 hours after they have been taken, select get photos and enter the code located on the bottom left corner of your photo.

Can I purchase a Gondola or Luge photo after my visit to Skyline?

Due to the number of photos taken daily we are unable to recover photos once you leave the complex. Photos must be purchased at the Luge or the base of the Gondola on the day.


Is it possible to make bookings for large groups/corporate events?

Yes, to organise a large group* or corporate booking, please contact the functions team at

*Please note that group bookings are for twenty or more guests.

Terms and Conditions

How long do I have to use my tickets?

Online tickets are vallid for redemption within 6 months of purchase. 

Can I change the dates times for restaurant reservations?

You can alter a restaurant reservations within 24 hours of your booking. 

Can I give my tickets to someone else?

Tickets are fully transferrable.

Can I buy tickets as a gift?

You can purchase a gift voucher online to give as a gift.  See more details on Gift Vouchers here. 

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