Gondola Gigs

A Celebration of Kiwi Music!

Skyline Rotorua have released Gondola Gigs for the third year in a row in celebration of homegrown music as part of New Zealand Music Month (NZMM) in May. 

Top New Zealand artists such as Three Houses Down and The Phoenix Foundation perform acoustically as they travel up the side of Mount Ngongotaha inside one of the iconic Skyline Gondolas. 

This year Rotorua-based artists include Kindred and a special performance from Myra Dawn Spooner with a beautiful song composed by Te Awhina Kaiwai-Wanikau and sung in Te Reo. 

It's a unique stage that displays both the talent of New Zealand musicians and the beauty of their homeland.

Strangely Arousing - Kupenga

New Zealand artists Strangely Arousing perform 'Kupenga' on the Skyline Rotorua Gondola, as part of the NZ Music Month series Gondola Gigs.

New Zealand Music Month 2017

Strangely Arousing - Kupenga
Tiaho Mai Ra - Myra-Dawn Spooner
Bitte Bitte - Close The Phoenix Foundation
Let's Join Hands - Kindred

Love & Affection - Three Houses Down ft General Fiyah