Trail Map

Detailed map of the Skyline Rotorua MTB Trails.

Bike Park Quick Facts

Top Elevation: 532m Vertical Rise: 200m
Longest Run: 1.8km Trails: 12 runs in a 12km trail network
Gondola Capacity: 480 people per hour Gondola Maximum Speed: 5m per second
Terrain: 31Blue,  38% Black,  23% Double Black,  8% Pro Line Park Status: Click here for daily updates

Grade Guide


Challenging riding with steep slopes and avoidable obstacles both 
natural and man-made, possibly on narrow rack and/or with poor
Must be a competent mountain biker. 


Difficult riding on tracks with a mixture of narrow trail, poor 
traction and obstacles both natural and man-made that are more
difficult to avoid or jump. Obstacles may include but are not
limited to, gaps, step downs, tables.
Must have advanced mountain biking skills.


Highly difficult riding that is technically challenging. Trails may 
be narrow with numerous unavoidable obstacles, both 
man-made and natural. Obstacles may include but are not limited
to drop-offs, step downs, large jumps and wooden features.
Expert mountain bikers only with very advanced bike
handling skills.


Downhill/Free ride specific tracks. These trails contain the highest level of difficulty and may contain mandatory gap jumps, elevated features and drops.
Contains No Ride Arounds / Easy Lines.

Mountain Bike Trails

  • Pump track - OPEN

    This is your opportunity to see if you are as fast as our local boy Keegan Wright who silver medalled the pump track at Crankworx 2015. Use it as a warm up for the bike park or a few social races at the end of the day. There will be some epic battles on this masterpiece created by Empire of Dirt. It’s roughly a 13 second track but it definitely gets the blood pumping. Careful on the starting bridge, if you are more of a beginner rider roll in from the side.

    Grade: Green - Beginner

  • Hipster- OPEN

    Some might argue, but this Hipster is “actually” cool. In fact, the reaction after riding this track has been the same every time- “wow”. Hipster breaks off from the Sprint Warrior and flows seamlessly from chiselled berm to chiselled berm. The trail does have some small jumps but all are rollable and easily negotiated at low speed if you are still finding your jumping legs. There are two options to finish the trail; hit the Sprint Warrior table top and pull your sickest whip for the audience riding the gondola above. Or, take the alternate track that takes you a little more gently to the trail end. Hipster is bound to be a favourite and won’t disappoint.

    Grade: Blue - Intermediate

  • Sprint Warrior- OPEN

    The catalyst for the Skyline Gravity Park that has now become somewhat of an institution. The top section is Intermediate and provides that Rotorua Flow. The bottom section is an Advanced trail and provides a plethora of mountain bike experience with machine built berms, step downs, gap jumps, hand built trail, the list goes on. All of this fun wrapped up in a warp speed package of 3-4 minutes top to bottom.

    Grade: Blue- Intermediate (Top section)

    Black - Advanced (Bottom section)

  • Day Walker- OPEN

    Day Walker can be accessed both off the Fuzz and Mr Black. This track is a good opportunity to get back to some more “old school” riding; a track forged with a grubber, rake, blood, sweat and blisters. Day Walker provides a narrow and steep decline, which makes for a really fun little piece of riding.

    Grade: Blue - Intermediate

  • Ten Fifty One- OPEN

    Splitting off from Hucks n' Hooves, Ten Fifty One takes a hard left into some steep techie terrain. A raked in, fast line that sends you over a gap jump before ripping out of the Redwoods below. Similar but different to Moss Piglet, if you enjoy the purist tracks and like to see the trees as a blur, go get a little crazy on Ten Fifty One.

    Grade: Black- Advanced

  • Dweedle Dee- OPEN

    This fun little micro line comes off Hucks n' Hooves just after the 10 51 split. Similar to 10 51, it’s a bit steeper and natural than the other trails. After a couple runs you’ll start to find a nice flow before it pops back out onto Moss Piglet.

    Grade: Blue - Intermediate

  • Dweedle Dum- OPEN

    Another Micro line starting from the same point as Dweedle Dee, Dweedle Dum will have you needing new brake pads. It’s steep and techie. Only a short run but it will challenge the best of riders. It has one crux turn that will have you wondering what the best line is. After making the first initial turns and drops you get a nice run out over a natural gap jump before joining Sprint Warrior.

    Grade: Black - Advanced

  • Mr Black- OPEN

    A legitimate black diamond jump trail. Built with perfect flow, It boasts 32 jumpable features including tables, step ups, step downs, gaps, wooden features, it’s got it all. On top of that all the jumps are connected by massive shreddable berms. The trail has a compulsory gap/step down to start the trail, if you cannot ride this feature, please do not ride the trail for yours and others safety. This trail is a heap of fun if you are an advanced rider and have the appropriate skills.

    Grade: Black- Advanced

  • The Debt Collector- OPEN

    The phone is ringing, your heart sinks, sweat runs down your brow and the nerves grow!

    It's The Debt Collector.

    The newest addition to the park is this Grade 6 Tech trail hand built by our very patrol team. If you like natural and raw trails with steep technical corners, long off cambers, roots and rocks then The Debt Collector is your cup of tea. This trail lets the riders imagination run wild with wide sections of trail and multiple line choices, you can make every lap different until you've mastered the fastest way down the hill.

    The Debt Collector splits off B.Y.O after the switch backs.

    Grade: Double Black - Expert


    Think you’re up to riding a World Cup level DH track? Well this is your opportunity. The Fuzz is a tip of the hat to a local legend and  the Skyline section of the Downhill line used for Crankworx 2015. It leads almost immediately into a rock garden and bridges. The bridges have very steep descents off them with a rock garden between them. The rest of the track is fast and open with features. The Fuzz finishes with a steep off camber section under the gondola line, so you will always have spectators.

    Grade: Double Black - Expert

  • B.Y.O - OPEN

    B.Y.O? Bring your own what? You tell us! This is our most technical offering in the park and heads down the true right side of the mountain. It’s steep, techy and super off camber. A real Jekyl and Hyde trail as it changes day to day and ride to ride and is a good challenge to get down for even the best riders. It starts off the first 50m of Mr Black. You need to ride the start drop On Mr Black to access the trail and as you come around the first open corner, B.Y.O. dives straight off the side of the hill so make sure you scrub the speed off after the start drop.

    Grade: Double Black - Expert

  • Hucks n' Hooves - OPEN

    Hucks n' Hooves is our brand new intermediate jump track. Named for the massive amount of jumps (40) over its 1.6km length and the numerous dear prints that got laid into the track by some wandering stags. It has the signature Empire of Dirt flow and guaranteed to leave every rider with a smile. If you want to learn to jump and corner this trail is for you.  A better starting point than Mr Black. If you already have the skills then hit it anyway and polish the cornering and manual skills. Hucks n' Hooves is a feature trail so get into it!

    Grade: Blue - Intermediate