A Mountain Bike Rider turning a corner Through a Forested section in the Skyline Rotorua bike park.

Opening Times

 The Skyline MTB Park is open daily from:

10:00am to 5:30pm

First Uplift 10am - Last uplift 5.30pm

*The Skyline MTB park may close without notice due to poor weather conditions or changing track conditions

MTB Summer Hours

1st December 2019 - 6th February 2020

(Excluding Blackout Dates)

First Uplift 10am - Last Uplift 5:30pm

Blackout Dates

Due to peak holiday periods & special events our mountain bike service is subject to Blackout dates (closures) throughout the season.

Christmas  / New Years: 25th December 2019 - 5th January 2020 CLOSED
Easter: 10th April 2020 - 13th April 2020 CLOSED
A man jumps his mountain bike onto a box feature in the Skyline Rotorua bike park.