Skyline Queenstown is operating under Covid-19 Level 2 restrictions. Open hours vary, for more information click here.

Luge Track and Views of Lake Wakatipu and the mountains behind. Luge Track and Views of Lake Wakatipu.

Luge Upgrades

We're topping up the FUN at Skyline Luge Queenstown!

The team here at Skyline Queenstown are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to develop the Luge experience and squeeze more fun out of every metre of track. So to set the stage for millions of rides to come, we’re giving the Blue (scenic) track a holiday. We're adding a few new twists and turns, resurfacing the track and adding a new tunnel!

Therefore, the Blue (scenic) track is currently closed until Christmas, so everyone (including children over 110cm tall, and tandem riders) can ride the most popular Red track. We've put additional safety measures in place to ensure guests of all ages and abilities can enjoy it together, keeping the FUN going until the track upgrades are completed.

Current Luge Tracks Map

The future of the Luge brand

The world's first Skyline Luge opened at Skyline Rotorua in 1985. With over a decade of success and FUN, we brought the gravity-fuelled-fun to Skyline Queenstown in 1998. Today, you can also ride the Skyline Luge in 2 Canadian states - Calgary and Mont Tremblant, on Singapore's Sentosa Island, and in 2 regions of South Korea - Tongyeong and Busan.

Skyline Luge Busan is the latest site in the Luge family and with its launch, it revealed a new look and feel which represents the future for the Luge brand, and the fun Skyline Luge brings to the world. This fresh new look of the brand is coming to Queenstown this Christmas!

So join us on the journey - bring the family to ride the red track, and keep an eye out on our social media channels for the track re-naming campaign, and grand opening party this Christmas!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are both Luge tracks open during the Queenstown Luge upgrade?

    No, until the upgrade is complete, we will have only one Luge track in operation, a merge between the Blue (scenic) and Red (advanced) tracks.

  • Will my kid under 6 years old be able to ride in tandem with an adult on the merged track?

    Yes, tandem rides are allowed at the merged track during the upgrade and everyone over 6 years old and 110cm height will be able to ride by themselves. 

    The starting point of the merged track is the Blue track. The merge will happen beyond the first corner of the Red track, which is considered the most challenging. Therefore, the merged track will be suitable for every age and skill level.

  • When will both tracks be operating again at the Queenstown Luge?

    We intend to have the Queenstown Luge upgrade completed by Christmas 2021, at which point both Luge tracks will be operating.