A Gondola Carriage Ascends The Skyline Queenstown Cableway In The Early Morning Light With Cecil Peak Behind It. A Gondola Carriage Ascends The Skyline Queenstown Cableway In The Early Morning Light With Cecil Peak Behind It.

About Us

From a simple roadway up Bob’s Peak in the early 1960s to the thriving multi-attraction business that it is today, Skyline Enterprises has a fascinating and fast-paced history.

From humble beginnings, Skyline has been constantly evolving. For nearly 50 years now it has pioneered new beginnings while providing Queenstown with a top-quality visitor experience.

As a company Skyline has gone from strength to strength, creating a hugely successful niche business, within the relatively new market of tourism in New Zealand.

Skyline continues to invest and progress into further tourism ventures both domestically and internationally, especially concentrating on developing its successful Luge business.

Always striving to provide the best visitor experience possible, Skyline will continue to grow and evolve.

About Skyline Enterprises Ltd

Skyline Enterprises Logo.

Skyline Gondola Restaurant and Luge, Queenstown was opened in 1967 and subsequently upgraded in November 1987. The sister property Skyline Skyrides, Rotorua was opened in March 1985 and has subsequently received a complete upgrade to its Gondola and building facilities.

Both properties have become iconic NZ attractions, providing visitors with picture-postcard views, fine dining experiences, and thrills on the Skyline Luge.

During the 1970s and early '80s, Skyline acquired or built several accommodation properties. Namely; the Mountain View Lodge, Queenstown (sold in 2003), Blue Peaks Lodge and Leisure Lodge Motor Inn (sold in 2021).

Skyline Luge Logo.

With the cableway and accommodation businesses as a foundation, the company took a very bold move in the mid-1990s, pioneering the casino industry in New Zealand and embarked on a major investment in commercial real estate and offshore Luge ventures.

Like any enterprise, Skyline has continually reinvested in its businesses to ensure that Skyline stays at the forefront of our field. With this said, Skyline has been and continues to be a fun company, proudly running great New Zealand activities and providing entertainment and enjoyment to our millions of visitors.