Project Status

Come along on this journey, with us!

While we strive to minimize the impact that construction has on our guests visiting Skyline Queenstown, this is a unique opportunity to safely take front row seats and see a lot of this exciting work taking place – as we build one of Queenstown’s (and New Zealand’s) greatest tourism icons.

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Bottom Terminal Earthworks

Starting at the bottom of the hill (top of Brecon Street), we’re undertaking one of the largest urban rock excavations in New Zealand’s history. This excavation serves two key purposes:

  • It makes way for a new road – which will pass under the Gondola line and access the new coach parking, service vehicle landing and multi-storey car park
  • And the excavation will also set the ground foundation for our new multi-storey car park building

Approximately 9,500 cubic metres of rock is being removed in Phase 1 of construction. That's almost four Olympic swimming pools of rock!

Rock Stabilisation

As you take a scenic Gondola ride up Bob’s Peak, keep an eye out for large bolts protruding from the hillside and large steel net-like structures covering rocky areas. These play an essential role in ensuring the steep hillside is safely secured, and free from rockfall.

The bolts which protrude from the rock faces are set 12 metres into the ground, which is almost 3 stories deep!


In preparation for the new Gondola, we are clearing over 2,800 invasive pine trees from the hillside. These trees span up to 65 metres tall – and while they’re mature and healthy, clearing these will reduce the chance of interference with both the new Gondola line, and the power lines on the western side of the clearing.

We have cleared over 2,800 mature pine trees, that's enough timber to build 63 houses!

New Gondola Towers

Also set in the ground below the Gondola corridor you’ll see small concrete pads with steel rings sitting on top – with a series of bolts attaching the two. What you see is just the 'tip of the iceberg', with significant steel and concrete structures buried deep in the ground below - these structures are the foundations that the new Gondola towers will be secured to.

How will the new towers be erected?

During the 2023 Gondola switch-up, the first step will be to disassemble the current 4-seat Gondola. From there, we will be using a large helicopter to lift the old towers off Bob’s peak, then fly the new towers into place – piece by piece – before being fixed into place.

Bring the popcorn, this will be a spectacle to keep an eye out for!

Top Terminal Construction

Upon arrival at the top gondola terminal building, the earthworks behind the top gondola terminal are very apparent, however they have minimal effect on guests visiting Skyline Queenstown. This work is building the foundation for the new top Gondola terminal building.

During this process of construction, we re-routed one Luge track, which gave us an opportunity to add a few new corners, and a new tunnel – adding even more fun!

The top complex building remains untouched throughout Phase 1, and guests can enjoy all Skyline facilities on Bob’s Peak without any direct effect of construction.