Skyline Queenstown New Top Gondola Terminal Building Skyline Queenstown New Top Gondola Terminal Building

Phases of Construction

Phase 1 - Today

We are currently in Phase 1 of the Skyline Development Project, which includes:

  • New top and bottom Gondola terminal buildings
  • A new 10-seat Gondola (replacing the current 4-seat Gondola)
  • And a multi-storey car park building.

If you would like to learn more about what's happening on the Skyline Development Project today and how it may affect your visit to Skyline Queenstown, see our project status page by tapping the link below:

2023 Switch-Up

From April 23rd 2023, Skyline Queenstown will temporarily close while we switch off the current 4-seat Gondola and respective terminal buildings, and switch on the new 10-seat Gondola. We're currently aiming for a startup in June/July 2023.

Phase 2

Upon reopening with the new Gondola in June/ July 2023, we will enter Phase 2 of the Skyline Development Project. In this phase we will be operating with the new Gondola, machine hall and back of house on Brecon Street – however, the new ticketing hall will still be under construction.

For up to 3 months, we will have a temporary ticketing building in place while we finish construction of our new ticketing hall and car park building. In the spring of 2023, we will complete the construction of the bottom terminal building and open the car park building.

Upon reopening in June/ July 2023 we will also have a temporary linkway connecting the new top Gondola terminal to the existing upper complex. This linkway will be in place throughout Phase 3 of construction.

Phase 3

While the start date of Phase 3 is yet to be confirmed, this phase represents the phased deconstruction and redevelopment of the top facilities including:

  • Expand the number of seats in Stratosfare Restaurant from 330 to 650 with multiple dining options.
  • New café.
  • Expanded retail operations.
  • Expand the viewing deck from 68sqm to 486sqm.
  • Almost double the capacity for conferences to cater to more than 700 delegates.
An Artists Impression of Skyline Queenstowns Proposed Main Building Upgrade.