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Skyline Rotorua is committed to contribute and ensure a sustainable future for the community, employees and enviroment in which it operates.

As a member of the Sustainable Tourism Charter Member Skyline Rotorua has made a commitment to sustainable business practises, which conserve the physical and social/cultural environment.

This by fostering the education and training of our young people and the tourism industry’s future leaders, and providing personal development opportunities for every employee.

Qualmark Enviro Gold Award

Planting native trees, recycling everything from cooking oil to toner cartridges, and using livestock to keep grass trim are just some of the measures Skyline Rotorua has taken to achieve a top industry environment award.

The Rotorua visitor attraction has received the Qualmark Enviro-Gold Award after an audit late 2012 and increased its status from Enviro-Silver – which it received in June 2011. The Enviro-Gold status was confirmed this week.

“The award is the result of a great deal of teamwork and a commitment to operating in a sustainable manner,” says Alison Kirkland, Skyline Rotorua Human Resources and Quality Manager.

“All heads of department are responsible for considering and implementing initiatives for sustainable practices in their areas. It’s a great achievement for Skyline Rotorua and everyone that works here.”

To achieve the new status, Skyline has significantly reduced its energy consumption, purchases the most energy efficient machinery when replacements are required, and has reduced the amount of chemicals it uses on site.

Skyline’s new buildings are insulated and visitors are encouraged to follow their sustainable lead by recycling their waste and to go on the nature walks to learn more about the environment.

All the food waste is collected weekly by a local pig farmer, while more than 8000 native trees and plants have been planted to date and recycled paper is used on site. The company has even changed their hand-dryers to a more energy efficient machine and a wetland has been created from storm water run-off.

“Achieving this Enviro-Gold means a great deal to us,” says Ms Kirkland.

“Our locals and customers expect this level of commitment from us. We are situated on Mount Ngongotaha and we need to make sure that we are respectful to the environment and all that comes with it.”

At Skyline’s weekly heads of department meeting sustainability is one of the topics to ensure it remains at the forefront of their operations.

Skyline Rotorua General Manager, Bruce Thomasen, says it is important for all tourism operators – regardless of the nature of their business – to be seen by locals and visitors to be operating in an environmentally sustainable way.

“There are visible recycling programmes in place across Rotorua and this is a positive development for our sector. At Skyline we are committed to doing our bit as well, and the Enviro-Gold status is national recognition that we are making good progress towards that.”

Qualmark Enviro-Gold is the top level in New Zealand's Qualmark Green rating for performers in responsible tourism. There are also Enviro-Silver and Enviro-Bronze levels.

Qualmark Green is an extension of New Zealand's Qualmark quality assurance scheme, a system introduced 15 years ago to help the country deliver on its 100% Pure New Zealand promise. There are now over 2150 Qualmark licence-holders throughout the country.

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