Queenstown Luge Open Hours

The Luge at Skyline Queenstown opens at 10.00am daily - times may vary depending on the time of year.

Please see the table below for more specific open times throughout the year.

The Luge is located at the top of the Gondola via a scenic chairlift ride. Access via the Skyline Gondola opens at 9.00am daily year-round.  



13th January - 2nd February 8.00pm
2nd February - 1st March 7.30pm
2nd March - 4th April 7.00pm
5th April - 19th April 6.00pm
20th April - 10th May 5.30pm
11th May - 26th July 5.00pm
27th July - 30th August 5.30pm
31st August - 26th September 6.00pm
27th September - 29th November 7.00pm
30th November -25th December 8.00pm
26th December - 17th January 9.00pm

Please Note: actual times may vary due to demand and daylight hours. Contact the Skyline team on +64 3 441 0101 for current Luge times.




Luge Tracks

Choose from two tracks to race down the bends, corners, tunnels and dips. Once is never enough!

 Skyline Queenstown Luge – Queenstown Activities

Luge Riders

800 metres of fast paced freedom! You're in control and have the power to alter you course or speed.

 Thrills on the Luge – Queenstown Family Activities
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Open daily 9am till late
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