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Who is Orion??

Posted on Monday, 30 January 2017

Here are 6 fun facts about our great hunter in the sky!

  1. Orion is one of our best known constellations and of course is a hunter
  2. Orion stands on his head down here in the southern hemisphere!
  3. He has 2 of the 10 brightest stars in the sky – Rigel and Betelgeuse
  4. Orion has 2 hunting dogs! Both of which we can see next to him.
  5. One of the stars in his sword isn’t a star but actually a nebula, a very active area where stars are born!
  6. In the Greek myth Orion was killed by a deadly sting from Scorpio!

Want to learn more about Orion? Come see him for yourself on one of our nightly stargazing tours! You will even get to see the Orion nebula through our high powered telescopes!

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  • Who is Orion??

    Here are 6 fun facts about our great hunter in the sky!
  • Shooting stars!

    We are entering into the Geminids which is a period from Dec 7th to 14th where we will get more shooting stars than any other time of the year, in fact we can get more than 100 an hour!
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