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Once in a lifetime...

Posted on Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Once in a lifetime…

Skyline Stargazing in Queenstown is delighted to host an evening like one never seen before, well not in many people’s lifetime anyway.  On November 15th during the Stargazing tour on Bob’s Peak, a monstrous moon will rise up from behind the Remarkables Mountain range and it will be the closest Full Moon to the Earth in the last 68 years!

So what’s so cool about it…

Our beautiful Moon travels in a distinctly elliptical orbit and so when the Moon is further from Earth it is called apogee and when it sits closest to the Earth then the Moon is at its perigee.   On Tuesday November 15th, our Moon will be at its perigee and so it will be almost 50,000km closer than when the Moon was at its apogee.   What this means to us mere earthlings is that this Super-Moon will be 30% brighter than a Full Moon at apogee, and it can appear 14% larger.  When the moon appears from behind the Remarks it will look unnaturally large as it sits close to our Queenstown horizon.








So Super-Moon means Super-werewolves?

The Lunar-effect is a term for the supposed correlation between the Moon and human behaviours.  The professional Stargazing Guides at Skyline Stargazing have explained that the word ‘lunatic’ is derived from the Latin word Luna, meaning ‘Moon’.  There are ancient beliefs that there’s an extra spoonful of crazy dished out during a Full Moon, however there is absolutely no official research that relates abnormal behaviour with Moon phases.  Perhaps a more rational reason for this is that the light from the Full Moon can distort sleep patterns, therefore more people are out and about checking out the beauty of our one true companion as she outshines the stars, from our vantage point at least.

Tell me more…

Want to know more about the Moon, like where it comes from, how it got there, what it looks like on the surface and is it true that is moving further from us each year, Moon landings, Apollo and conspiracy theories galore?  All of these questions will be answered in our Moon Special on Tuesday 15th November. 

Due to demand, Skyline Queenstown are operating additional tours on Tuesday so that everyone can get a close-up look at the Super-est Moon of our era and take photos on your smartphone through the powerful high powered telescopes. 



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