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Skyline Queenstown reviewing public submissions for gondola redevelopment

Posted on Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Skyline Queenstown is reviewing the public submissions lodged for its proposed gondola redevelopment and is actively working on addressing concerns.

Nineteen submissions have been received by Queenstown Lakes District Council in relation to Skyline’s resource consent application, with most submissions concerned about the project’s impact on traffic management, earthworks, the environment and noise.

Skyline Enterprises Chairman Mark Quickfall says the scale of the project – which involves replacing its current gondola system, building a new base terminal and expanding the top complex – is such that concerns by affected parties were inevitable.

“This is all part of the development process. It’s a major project that involves significant construction works. We are doing everything we can to reduce the impact on our neighbours and will continue to take expert advice on how best to achieve this,” he says.

Skyline is working with acoustic engineers, earthworks, construction and operational noise and traffic and parking experts to actively work through concerns raised before the resource consent hearing.

“We’ve been in regular contact with affected neighbours and other parties throughout this process – as well as holding public open days – and our door is always open to listen to peoples’ issues,” Mr Quickfall adds.

Skyline acknowledges parking is a key issue and has relied on expert advice. Skyline also welcomes suggestions from the public and submitters. Feedback in terms of parking, traffic and pedestrian flows or any other matter can be submitted on the Skyline development website www.skylinedevelopment.co.nz.

Skyline has provided QLDC with potential design options for Brecon Street and suggested a QLDC-led Brecon Street working party be established. This would ensure all interested parties are consulted and included in the decision-making process.

The proposed development is one of the most significant investments Skyline has made since the current gondola system was installed in 1987 and is driven by accommodating anticipated growth in visitor numbers to Queenstown over the next 30 years.

Initially estimated to cost $60 million, Skyline now expects the investment will be in the vicinity of $100m.

“This investment demonstrates great confidence in the future of Queenstown as New Zealand’s No.1 tourism destination. Skyline is committed to undertaking this project in a balanced and considered manner so that everyone benefits,” Mr Quickfall says.

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