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Presenting Skyline Rotorua Gondola Gigs 2016

Posted on Thursday, 5 May 2016

We are releasing Gondola Gigs for the second year in a row this month in celebration of homegrown music and the people that make it as part of New Zealand Music Month.

Top New Zealand artists such as This Flight Tonight and Swamp Thing perform acoustically as they travel up the side of Mount Ngongotaha inside one of the iconic Skyline Gondolas.  

Gondola Gigs throw the spotlight on talented music makers while Lake Rotorua and the city provide a stunning backdrop. Videos will be released initially via the Skyline Rotorua Facebook page and then loaded on to our website to be enjoyed on demand.

Skyline Rotorua sales and marketing manager David Blackmore says the filming of Gondola Gigs is half the fun as the performers get used to the changing landscape and movement of the cabins. There is no power inside the cabins so these are all ‘unplugged’ performances.

“This year’s line-up is an incredible mix of passionate performers, with a strong focus on local artists.

“There’s a huge number of talented people that call Rotorua home. We want to spread the word and celebrate what’s in our own backyard as well as shine the light on talent across the country.

“Gondola Gigs provide viewers a platform to make new musical discoveries with a bunch of original songs being released, as well as noteworthy covers.”

Rotorua songwriter and performer, Stella Maris, was the first video released this week performing her brand new song, Losing the Keeper.

Ms Maris says May is her favourite month of the year as there is Kiwi music everywhere.

“The month is important to me as it’s a chance to hear and appreciate other musicians, and on a personal note celebrate how far I have come as an artist."

“There is so much good music out there that hasn’t been heard that should be soaring off stages and blasting our airwaves. NZMM encourages Kiwis to make an extra effort to listen to and appreciate homegrown music.”

Trinity Roots bass player and singer/songwriter, Rio Hunuki Hemopo, performs Beautiful People in his Gondola Gigs video release, a song he wrote and recorded with the band before he moved to Rotorua a year ago.

“I see myself as a local these days so it was a surreal experience being involved in Gondola Gigs and performing in one of the city’s most well-known locations,” Mr Hunuki Hemopo says.

"The videos released during the month help raise awareness of local music and musicians, who often get lost amongst the mainstream noise. A month in the year that celebrates homegrown music, gives local artists an opportunity to reach an audience that may not have heard them before."

The line-up for this year also includes local artists Kelly Makiha, Lloyd Akroyd and Ellis Carrington, and many more still to be filmed and released.

Classical performer Ellis Carrington will perform a cover of Pōkarekare Ana; a traditional Māori love song as part of Gondola Gigs video releases.

Mr Blackmore says this is not the first time gondolas have been used as a unique performing space; the concept is known across the globe.

“The first of its kind in New Zealand was filmed by Karin Vincent of the Rogue Stage, who filmed a series of ‘mini gondola concerts’ on location at Skyline Rotorua in 2013.

“We are proud to be involved in NZMM alongside other Rotorua music events being held during May.”

To see the latest video release, check out our Facebook page: facebook.com/SkylineRotorua and follow the hashtag: #gondolagigs

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