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Mamma Mia Pizza!

Posted on Thursday, 30 July 2015

Meet our Italian Chef Andrea who will be hosting two workshops on how to make authentic Italian style pizza.  With over 10 years’ experience Andrea knows a thing or two on how to create that perfect pizza…from getting the dough just right to making the most delicious tomato sauce, your pizza creation is sure to make your friends say ‘Mama mia!’.  We thought we’d sit down with our very own pizza master chef and find out what makes him tick.  


How long have you been making pizzas?

I started when I was 16 years old, I’m now 28 so it’s been a while.


What made you decide to be a pizza chef?

I was lucky enough to meet a guy who was really passionate about making pizzas and he got me into it.  When I started out I soon realised I had a natural flare for it and it went from there really.


Do you remember the first pizza you ever made?

Not the very first pizza but I started out in a really tiny pizza takeway restaurant in Genova. We made about 300 pizzas a night!  It threw me in at the deep end so definitely learnt a lot from working there.


What’s the secret to a great pizza?

Give the dough enough time to rest and keep your toppings simple – simple is the best.


What’s the strangest topping you’ve ever tried to put on your own pizza?

I didn’t make it myself but a restaurant I worked at in Italy served a ‘volcano’ pizza – a pyramid of pasta on top of a pizza, drizzled with tomato sauce.  Carb heavy is an understatement!


What are your preferred pizza toppings for a night at home?

Good cheese, spicy salami and some veges – simple and delicious!


Finally, what’s the best thing about Queenstown?

The landscape and all the incredible activities to do here – your options are endless! I also love the people – it’s great to meet folk from all walks of life


Don’t miss out on our ‘Make your own authentic Italian style pizza’ on 7th and 8th August – book now as limited spaces available! 

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