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Now Playing: Gondola Gigs!

Posted on Friday, 1 May 2015

Now playing at Skyline Rotorua: Gondola Gigs!

In a celebration of Kiwi music, Skyline Rotorua is releasing a series of music videos featuring top New Zealand artists, filmed on our very own Skyline Gondola!

Musicians including Savage, Jamie McDell, Hipstamatics and Rotorua’s own Strangely Arousing performed inside the iconic Skyline gondolas overlooking Lake Rotorua and the city.

The videos will be released each week during New Zealand Music Month, with the debut video out today - Savage (feat. Timmy Trumpet) performing the massive hit, 'Freaks'!

Follow Skyline Rotorua on Facebook and Instagram to see the latest Gondola Gigs videos (#gondolagigs) as they're released!

“Skyline’s gondolas are an iconic attraction and the challenge of performing in such a small space creates a cool new way to celebrate New Zealand music," Skyline Rotorua sales and marketing manager David Blackmore said.

“The most musicians we have squeezed in so far were the Hipstamatics with eight people performing, and Strangely Arousing even got five people and a drum kit in there.

“It’s really important to Skyline to get behind Kiwi talent and show the nation how incredible these artists are.”

New Zealand Music Month has been celebrating home-grown talent across the length and breadth of the country for the past 15 years, encouraging people to hear and see more of what New Zealand music has to offer.

Skyline Rotorua is also celebrating 30 years since it officially opened, with eight million people having had a ride on the gondolas in that time.

“Many Kiwis will have fond childhood memories of riding the gondolas for the first time – for many it was, and still is, a quintessential part of growing up in New Zealand,” Blackmore said.

To see the latest Gondola Gigs video release, check out Skyline Rotorua on Facebook or Instagram and follow the hashtag #gondolagigs.

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