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Wow Factor: The Friday Top 5!

Posted on Friday, 5 September 2014

There’s a mystery in this week’s #FridayTop5. Who is the thoughtful bungy jumper @michellesallen captured? Whoever s/he is, they're in a great photo!

Check out all the amazing shots from our guests at Skyline Queenstown and Skyline Rotorua:

5. @caity_fish snapped a beautiful evening at Skyline Rotorua. Looks like summer to us. http://instagram.com/p/qB1eF4maRz/

4. @tomstearne, having a moment on the Skyline Queenstown viewing deck. No one can resist that view! http://instagram.com/p/sHq6XqpJQx/

3. This photo from @nadia_feeney of Queenstown's G Force paragliders drifting down to earth makes us feel peaceful just by looking at it. http://instagram.com/p/ry2Gitgy2_/

2. A spectacular Rotorua sunset over the Skyline gondola from @izisms. Just wow. http://instagram.com/p/sQKz3GwJ1D/

1. A picturesque mystery from @michellesallen. Who is this AJ Hackett Ledge bungy jump customer? What are they pondering? http://instagram.com/p/sTToUSITrZ/

Want to see your photos and videos in next week’s #FridayTop5? Post your content on social media and tag Skyline Queenstown or Skyline Rotorua. Alternatively, #SkylineQT or #SkylineRotorua.

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The Inside Track

  • Shooting stars!

    We are entering into the Geminids which is a period from Dec 7th to 14th where we will get more shooting stars than any other time of the year, in fact we can get more than 100 an hour!
  • Crankworx Rotorua signs groundbreaking 10 year contract

    World’s defining celebration of mountain biking confirms it will continue on Rotorua’s dirt gold through to 2027
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