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World Jelly Bean Day

Posted on Thursday, 17 April 2014

   Visit Jelly Belly, the gourmet jelly bean store at the top of the Gondola at Skyline Rotorua.

April 22nd is World Jelly Bean Day

Everyone loves jelly bean?  What's your favourite flavour?  There's so many flavours to choose from: buttered popcorn, green apple, tutti fruity. 

We aren't sure why Jelly Bean Day began but that won't stop us from celebrating it.  You can join in the fun on the day by using them in crafts and decorating toys, baking cakes with beans or play a blind tasting game - like Bean Boozled, what flavour will you get to eat? 

The best way to celebrate though is to simply eat Jelly Beans. 

Drop by our Jelly Belly Stores in Queenstown and Rotorua on Tuesday, April 22nd for a sample of the sweet treats.  We'll be giving away beans all day and spinning the bean boozled wheel.

Come celebrate with us! 


ho doesn’t love a jelly bean? From good old cherry or buttered popcorn to more adventurous flavours like latte and chili mango?

Once mainly associated with Easter and Halloween holidays jelly beans are now an everyday treat and there’s no better time to celebrate them than Jelly Bean Day.

No-one knows for sure how, when or why Jelly Bean Day began and the origins of the beans themselves are equally mysterious; they are thought to have been developed from Turkish Delight and have certainly been popular since the mid-19th century or earlier.

You can enjoy Jelly Bean Day by using the beans in craft activities with your kids or staging your own ‘how many beans in the jar’ contest. Whatever you do, don’t forget that the tastiest way to celebrate Jelly Bean Day is by eating lots of jelly beans!

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